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How should I use social media?

Social media is a really powerful forum to let the world know who you are. Being aware of the fact that everybody is ‘checking out’ each other could benefit you very much. SIRE Life Sciences® would like to give you some tips and tricks to get yourself well presented on the commonly used (international) social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing.

Be an online presence
When you are looking for a job, it is important possible new employers can find you. Due to the fact that you can connect with people who will be relevant to your profession, your network will benefit you. SIRE Life Sciences® recommends everyone to open a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is meant to present yourself in a professional way; it is your online CV.

Be consistent in your shared information
Your LinkedIn profile should more or less look the same as your ‘paper’ CV. Information you share on other social media sites must show similarity. But most of all you must be honest and consistent.

Check your name on Google
There is so much information on the Internet, check out what has been written about you. Also search for pictures of you. You can be assured that your current and previous employer probably have looked you up as well. It is likely that potential future employers will do so to. It is nice to know what they will find.

Facebook is mostly used to share your private life. We presume you don’t have any inappropriate photos, texts or videos on your profile, but please be aware that your future employer will probably have a look at your profile. We advise you to check your privacy settings, so you know who has access to your profile.

Build a network
It is always helpful to have your own network; you might need it one day. Start building one as soon as possible. The key to building a successful network is to keep it relevant! So start connecting with people you know from your business, within your field of expertise and recruiters & head hunters. When building a network keep these two words in mind: quality and relevance.

Help each other
Networking is a two way street. If you help people, people will help you! Maybe not now, but you never know when ‘knowing’ someone will come in handy. A good professional network is key in building a successful career.