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    Sr Scientist Adult Neurology

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The Company 
This organization is focused on Gene Therapy to treat immunological diseases. Gene Therapy uses genes to treat diseases by deleting, adding or altering DNA, this way it targets the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. This firm uses viruses and vectors to get into the cell to deliver the new copy of the gene into a cell. 

Role Description 
As a Sr Scientist Adult Neurology you will lead the Parkinson early-stage drug development team (two scientist, two technicians) by overseeing all the pre-clinical activities. 
For this position knowledge of the role of a-synuclein in CNS diseases is necessary. You will be responsible for the development of novel methods aimed at showing therapeutic efficacy in in vitro and preclinical studies. 

- Synthesizes the input from a multidisciplinary project team in order to make decisions, and to set project priorities
- Participates in strategy, study design and implementation of dedicated mechanistic studies to understand basic questions on underlying biology of CNS disease targets, in particular targets for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, and gene therapy approaches with therapeutic potential
- Analyzes complex data obtained from pre-clinical studies (in vitro and in vivo)
- Brings up her/his ideas about the line of research and, upon mutual agreement, implements the new ideas and concepts, disseminates and reports the results
- Plans her/his own work, sets priorities and timelines and adheres to these timelines
- Disseminates results to multiple internal stakeholders
- Writes reports for internal purpose, and if possible external purposes

- PhD in cell biology, medical biology or related topic with a proven strong knowledge in a-synonuclein 
- Min. 3 years of postdoc experience 
- Project management experience 
- People management experience 
- Drug development experience (gene therapy or immunotherapy experience is a plus), with good understanding of how to bring new treatment modalities to a patients
- Demonstrated experience in mechanistic studies in disease models
- Experience with next-generation sequencing approaches, proteomics and/or metabolomics would be advantageous, including single-cell approaches
- Experience with in vitro cell models, including iPSC
- Hands-on experience in writing, presenting, and reviewing in research documents (reports, patents, publications etc.)
Good communicator, pro-active attitude, flexible and professional

Other Information 
For more information please contact Carla Garcia at or +31 (0) 20 658 98 01.