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    Leuven, Belgium

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    Security Software Engineer

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Security Software Engineer

About the company
While this company is still quite young in the number of years they have been around, you wouldn't be able to tell by the broad scale and innovation of the several projects that they have been involved in. With the possibility of creating almost anything their customers could ask for, they have branched out into several branches because of the versatility of their core business. What is this core business? They are at the forefront of innovative 3D printing solutions and their innovative products have allowed them to open offices all over the world. Working in a global company like this brings the benefits that there are multiple different growth paths available to the colleagues who want to develop themselves in other countries.

About the role
A role as Security Software Engineer will include a diverse set of tasks, from working with the team with members from offices that are spread all across the globe. providing constant updates in regards to the current security and threats that malware, spyware and different viruses could pose to the integrity of the IT infrastructure. In order to ensure the security, there is a framework with regulations and stipulations on how to provide the best level of security. There will be a lot of training and coaching involved within this role that will be provided by the Senior Security Software Engineer. 

  • Working with the several teammembers to verify the status of security systems
  • In case of any errors, issues and/or leaks follow the guidelines provided within the company regulations to minimise the effects
  • Implement several new, updated security measures
  • Take a pro active stance in providing the most up to date security systems.

  • Masters degree in Computer Science
  • 2 years of experience as a Software Engineer
  • Working knowledge of Firewalls, LAN/WAN & Switches
  • Have an understanding of Splunk
  • Working knowledge on CyberArk configuration & operational functioning
  • Working experience with Cloud-based software such as MS Azure & AWS

Other information
Are you interested and want to apply for this role, please fill out the application form below and contact Rajeev Punwasi at +31206589800

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