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The Company

The company has been operating on the market for more than a century with a solid vision to produce medicines for people, but not for profits. The company is looking for someone willing to show motivation and empathy; for such a long time of existence, they have already produced a vaccine to help with Ebola and TBC. Therefore the company is going the extra mile to save as many lives as possible.


The role

As an Operator, you will be responsible for the successful delivery of the products to the warehouse and the raw materials; you will also be in charge of the labelling of the received packages. All the training will be provided for you.



- Cleaning and collection of the production waste in the warehouse.

- Sorting the production waste according to the origin to ensure the sustainability of the production process.

- Transporting pallets around the warehouse.

- Helping with the shipping of the full pallets.



- MBO2 or equivalent.

- Hands-on operational or warehouse work.

- Ability to work in a team.

- Motivation to learn new things: Dutch lessons will be provided.


Other information

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