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  • Location

    BAYERN, Germany

  • Job title:

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Sector:

    Medical Devices

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This company delivers and repairs high-tech medical systems. The company is focused on the development,  production or repairment of these medical devices. These medical devices can include MRI devise or other high-tech medical robotics.

Job Description

Within the company you will be responsible for designing or repairing high tech medical devices.


As a mechanical engineer you will be responsible for the mechanical design and/or repairment of the medical devises. You will be involved in the whole process of product development or repairment.  process design of medical robotic systems. You will collaborate with other engineers such as software engineers and electronic engineers.


  • Bsc/MSc/PhD in Mechanical, Electronics, Physics, Mechatronics, Robotics
  • 3 + years of experience
  • Experience with precision mechanics in the range of mm