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    IT Project Manager

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IT Project Manager

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Working here you’ll need to enjoy a fast-pace, complexity and it can get a little challenging. But it’s packed with opportunities. You’ll work with some of the best-known brands in the world and we absolutely guarantee that you can just be yourself. Be innovative and entrepreneurial and the impact you could make might just amaze you. Join our movement for a healthier world. One Planet One Health BY YOU.

We are proud to be an equal employer. We are convinced our differences make the difference and that an inclusive working environment will drive our growth as a business, as teams and as individuals. We will therefore consider all applicants for employment* fostering an inclusive working culture that is accessible for all.

Job Description:

  • Maintain and optimize the functionality of computer systems within the business area/department in such a way that the business area/department is effectively and efficiently supported in achieving the business objectives.
  • Ensure the validated state of GMP computer systems, within relevant guidelines and procedures including System Development Life Cycle methodology.
  • Configuration to identify, control and ensure traceability of CM: In relation to own area of expertise, and in line with As built in Moda, Remedy, Configuration Item
  • Management computer system components (hardware, software with CM procedures and guidelines.
  • List (CIL) and documentation and to prepare, qualify and modify changes
  • In line with change control procedures. In the SDLC documentation
  • Implement changes to these components in a collaborative manner with computer system users, Reliability and controlled manner. Changes can be realized Improvement Engineers, CoE MMD IT and CoE TechOps.
  • Perform performance monitoring on computer In line with PM procedures and guidelines PM reports to management
  • Monitoring systems and provide regular PM reports to in collaboration with computer systems users, Reliability improvement suggestions management, in line with performance monitoring and Improvement Engineers, CoE MMD IT and CoE procedures. Taking appropriate action in case of TechOps.
  • Inadequate performance of computer systems.
  • User support to advise, support and train users of computer systems In relation to their own area of expertise. Enabling IPT or CoE member to effectively use within the business area/department to In cooperation with CoE MMD IT and CoE Techops. ensure the functionality of computer systems.
  • Functionality of computer systems is used Translate business issues into computer.
  • Ensure standard availability and accuracy of all required Regarding own area of expertise, in line with Understanding and understanding of historical
  • Operation computer systems procedures, including procedures and guidelines and the current status of SOPs
  • Procedures configuration management, performance monitoring, system administration and system use SOPs.
  • Maintain / ensure optimal availability of computer systems, In collaboration with CoE MMD IT, CoE TechOps and Computer systems availability troubleshooting coordination of maintenance and troubleshooting Reliability Engineers.
  • Efficient and cost-effective maintenance activities.
  • Data management to ensure integrity and security of data and databases. In cooperation with CoE MMD IT, in line with Database integrity
  • Ensure that archiving of data is done in accordance with GMP procedures and guidelines. Archived data and Part11 requirements.
  • Computer systems Part11 compliance.


  • This can be either a system admin who has gained experience in the lab or someone with a lab background who has learned the IT system administration over the years.
  • Candidate must be onsite MSD Haarlem for at least three days.
  • Knowledge of IT systems with lab background (or other)
  • Project driven working
  • Good knowledge of the Dutch language
  • Works a lot with stakeholders

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