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The Company 
This organization is focused on Gene Therapy to treat immunological diseases. Gene Therapy uses genes to treat diseases by deleting, adding or altering DNA, this way it targets the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. This firm uses viruses and vectors to get into the cell to deliver the new copy of the gene into a cell. 

Role Description 
You'll be part of the Research Department and be supporting all preclinical research projects by providing (a) sample preparation, staining, and (b) microscopy and imaging analysis.

-  Troubleshoot protocols for histological staining, performance of equipment, and improves histology workflows;
- Carry out the preparations of frozen and FFPE specimens including embedding, section cutting, routine staining;
- Perform chromogenic and fluorescent IHC, ISH, and combination IHC & ISH;
- Monitor tissue and staining quality in slides;
- Operate an autostainer and a whole slide scanner;
- Prepare documentation and reports;

You hold a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience;
- Good understanding of gene therapy read outs;
- Hands-on experience with sample preparation (cells, organs), sample fixation and prof level in sectioning with particular expertise in neuroanatomy;
- Hands-on experience with an autostainer (Leica Bond);
- Hands-on experience with a chromogenic and fluorescent IHC, ISH, combination IHC and ISH, and its troubleshooting;
- Hands-on experience with multiplex IHC (5 markers in one slide);

Other Information 
- I
t is expected the role will entail approximately 70% lab-based work
For more information please contact Guilherme Tokunaga at or +31 (0) 20 658 98 01. 

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