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    Global Security Manager

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Our client is a big multinational in the FMCG industry in Rotterdam. 

You have? Experience with the Corporate Security space and Defining a Security Framework for a multinational?
You are? Available for a new job as of January 2022
Are you? Up to date with current security apps/tech in the market today

Intro and Key Deliverables
Reporting to Global SC OSHE Lead, the Global Security Manager (GSM) will be responsible for the delivery of the security procedures the organization requires, this role will ensure we have Governance, framework and key processes in place which commensurate with the risks in the business. This is:
• Define the Global Security Framework and a comprehensive security plan to cover threat and risk analysis, mitigation  and resource plans.
• Security input to regional and country Incident Management and Business Continuity Programs .
• Train team on routine security reporting and analysis that measures cost/benefit of security program.

Main purpose of the job
Reporting to Global SC OSHE Lead, the Global Security Manager (GSM) will be responsible for the delivery of the security procedures the organization requires, this role will ensure we have Governance, framework and key processes in place which commensurate with the risks in the business.  The GSM is tasked with the development of the Global Security Framework, detailed security plan, which will match threats, risks and resources. It will also detail security and incident training for SSOs (Site Security Officers) and MUSOs (Marketing Unit Security Officers) in the organization. To deliver the global plan, the GSM will work closely with MUSOs and SSOs. A high level of assurance is required to ensure that security activities and procedures match the local level of risk, whilst being compliant with Global standards. Security planning must be an integrated business function, and the GSM will be required to work intimately with leaders from HR, Legal, Brand Protection and Business Integrity areas while defining governance system. Should define processes and train people for effective engagement with third party security providers and government agencies. The role demands a high level of network capability and expertise.

Key Accountabilities
•  Work with MU leadership teams to analyze security threats and risks to our people and business through providing support and guidance to MUSOs. Help to define security mitigation plans and establish relevant countermeasures. Impart training in the process to ensure MUSOs are fully equipped to address the changes as and when required. 
• Establish Security governance documents for Organization by closely working with Global SC OSHE Lead 
• Work with HR and Travel Teams to enforce security features in the Travel Approval Process; take lead to find cost-effective business relevant Apps in the Market to automate security alerts and to track/ trace people while on travel 
• Define processes and criteria and provide inputs to travel teams to ensure we have system to communicate security advice to travellers operating in high-risk countries & cities. 
• Work with Global SC OSHE Lead to develop Global Incident Management plan. 
• Lead evolving a blueprint/ template for online incident reporting tool 
• Provide necessary support to MUSO for implementation of effective and cost-efficient security solutions for MUs. 
• Understand and apply and train the full range of corporate investigative capabilities, whilst ensuring their lawful application. 
• Design and deliver security capability training programs required by employees, security teams and third-party partners. 
• Possess contractual assessment skills for the implementation and review of security contracts. 
• Will play an integral part of ‘Core Security Team’ wherein the person will demonstrate and train
• preparation of high-grade reports including country security incident reporting, intelligence briefing, threats assessments and investigative reports as per the defined frequency as it’s needed.
• How to leverage global network to share security information, trends and sharing best practices.

Key Performance Indicators
• Security KPIs indicate prevailing security activity and trends. This role demands the person to be aware of all these KPIs while defining the processes and systems. The framework and the governance documents should underpin the importance of measurement, monitoring and target setting of these KPIs.
• Recordable security incidents in the Organization, including:
    o Street crime and robbery
    o Kidnap and extortion events
    o Theft of product
    o Theft of assets incl IT, vehicles etc.
    o Cargo theft
• Stolen goods recovered
• Criminal groups disrupted or prosecuted
• Financial cost of security measures
• Group Audit – security grade (red, amber, green)

• At least 4 years of experience and demonstrated success in positions of increasing responsibility within private sector corporate security or public sector organization, 
• At least 3 years of experience in a significant leadership role 
• Proficient English language skills 
• Exp in developing and delivering training
• Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree 
• Security Diploma or similar professional qualification

• Security advisor to the Organization and point of contact for security related matters. 
• Provide guidance to leadership of the security function in MUs; ability to lead, coordinate and motivate security personnel 
• Critical analysis: able to analyse existing and emerging threats and risks to people, assets, information and brands and train teams to acquire this skill. 
• Effective briefing and influence skills required to implement an agreed and global security plan in line with global security framework 
• Network skills: maintain and develop a professional network within the Organization to include industry SMEs and law enforcement agencies.

If you are interested in this position, simply upload your CV via the apply button. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Joost Spape at