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    Global HR Project Manager

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Global HR Project Manager

The company
My client is a big Food Multinational located in South-Holland. 

Role description
In this role you are going to make a difference at global scale.

You will be managing key projects in global CD HR, including working with CD Learning and business stakeholders, to create and deploy projects in diversity and inclusion, agile and data strategy.

The right person for this role will have experience leading and landing HR projects at global scale.  They should possess strong curiosity and passion for HR with a deep understanding of data and analytics, learning and culture building and know how to navigate through a large network.


Diversity and Inclusion
  • Responsible for D&I programme management and coordination
  • Identify opportunities to improve our D&I ratios, including creating dashboards to be distributed across the markets, crafting strategy and working with markets as a subject matter expert
  • Lead all global D&I tracking of female numbers (hires and promotions) for PMUs and hotspots
  • Going beyond the basic data to provide meaningful benchmarks and identify ‘metrics that matter’, creating key dashboards for users at different levels of the organization globally
  • Prepare for D&I Board: Craft D&I stories that present learnings in a visual and compelling format
  • Launch of the female mentoring programme launch in June 2020
  • D&I leadership intervention with Symmetra in July 2020
  • Tracking of the Female Mentoring Program (July 2020)
  • Manage the LEAD network implementation (ongoing)
  • Completion of the D&I Playbook Version 2 (Oct 2020
  • Join the agile scrum team, pioneering with an agile ways of working in the global CD team
  • Implementing the tools to enable the team to work agile
  • Implementing the right agile mindset, and help unlock blockers
  • Lead a network with peers across markets, who are implementing agile wow in CD
  • Generate learnings to share at scale with the global community
CD Data Strategy (Support Role)
  • Identify key roles in CD that use data and analytics tools/capabilities
  • Complete skills gap assessment – role vs capability requirements, working with Learning team and project resource
  • Identify to-be roles, working with project team to complete change assessment in CD roles


  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in HR, organizational communication, marketing and/or business
  • Learning background preferred
  • Highly proficient in data and analytics
  • Handson experience using data/analytics dashboards
  • Able to draw insights from data

Other information
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