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    EU Healthcare Data Analyst

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Our partner is a highly innovative worldwide operating manufacturer of Medical Devices

Role description:

Assist in integration of complex clinical practice strategies using facility and system specific outcome data and provide clinical data base to develop programs that results in sustained improvement of patient care and ensure a medical relevant European data collection.


  • Drive the adoption of the products by rapid acceptance of applicable measures, as evidenced by facilities and systems’ specific reported data.  Analyze the effective data set necessary to develop the key messages that are relevant to the external stakeholders.(30%)
  • Lead the implementation of new Educational programs utilizing facility specific data to drive therapy adaption and support the European Professional Education events through knowledge transfer of the Global R&D projects.    (25%)
  • Provide technical expertise to internal and external stakeholders to install and use the house software. Leverage knowledge gained through direct clinician interactions and relationships in order to provide input on specific hospital data and feedback the relevant data to the R&D Department. (10%)
  • Provide direct education and training to stakeholders (e.g., EU Sales force, Professional Education and Medical Affairs Team) on the effective utilization of facility and system specific outcome data that drives adoption of monitoring and disposable devices.(10%)          
  • Assist in defining and specifying clinically data collection requirements (e.g., eCRFs, CRFs, edit checks and collection of external data) for assigned European data collection; may perform user acceptance testing to ensure appropriate data are collected. (10%)    
  • Participate in project management activities for an European data collection project and support the clinical innovation group in data collection and analytics. (10%)
  • Maintain and provide feedback on Data Management deliverables including data management plans (DMPs), training materials and user aids in compliance with regulations. (5%)
  • Serve as “key” data resources to internal and external stakeholder and ensure interaction and exchange with the Global R&D Team. (5%)


  • Master's or PhD Degree in related field
  • Previous clinical experience (preferred)                
  • Experience in quality performance or clinical process design (preferred)                                                
  • Certification in related medical license (e.g., RN, BSN, Anesthesia Technologist) (preferred)                                                          

Personal qualities:

  • Good knowledge and understanding of policies, procedures and guidelines relevant to clinical research
  • Good knowledge of processes and procedures in clinical data management
  • Good knowledge of protocols, DMPs, and SAPs
  • Ability to adapt to new technologies and rapidly changing environment
  • Recognized as an expert in own area with specialized depth and breadth of expertise within area of work in the organization relevant to clinical services
  • Ability to work well in a multi-cultural environment and matrix organization
  • Ability to relate to physicians, nurses, and senior-level healthcare managers.
  • Strict attention to detail
  • Ability to interact professionally with all organizational levels
  • Ability to manage competing priorities in a fast paced environment
  • Represents leadership on projects within a specific area interfacing with project managers
  • Consult in project setting within multiple areas, interfacing with low to middle management
  • Adhere to all EHS rules and requirements and take adequate control measures in preventing injuries to themselves and others as well as to the protection of environment and prevention of pollution under their span of influence/control
  • Works independently without close supervision
  • Compares and evaluates possible courses of action after considering various possibilitie
  • Applies his or her knowledge in following procedures or in determining which procedures to follow or determining whether specified standards are met            
  • Considers the cause and effect of activities         
  • Determines or effectively recommends course of action after considering potential risks of alternatives 
  • May provide guidance to lower level personnel
  • Makes decisions in the face of different alternatives and without formulas or guidelines or with guidelines that are not complete and exhaustive, and which allow room for creativity and judgment      
  • Direction tends to be high level and focused on end results with means of accomplishment left to incumbent