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    Engineering Technologist Specialist

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The company is related to different treatments for illnesses that require therapy sections and special care.
The company counts on excellent and experienced professionals who try to improve patients’ health and quality of life using advanced technology, high-quality medicine and control joining personalized each of their customers to go through their processes.

Job Description

The role is about helping with the technical project requirements ; like the progress and development of it.
My client is looking for someone who has experience in construction and clean od manufacturing facilities , equipment systems and electronic records.
Besides my client is looking for someone who enjoys and acknowledge quality control, doing weekly reports, manage time properly and programming.

  • -Reaching all the deadlines and targets related to the project.
  • Ensure the quality control and safety of the product.
  • Checking with the company and its stakeholders issues and details of the project.
  • Making sure the users are participating and making work progress within the team work.
  • Using monitors to ensure efficient content.
  • Applying a technical development on the designs
  • Provide documentation to proof plans, drawings, specifications and strategist.
  • Supporting the design team and construction manager to review and improve the project.
  • Responsible for the start and end of change management.
  • Ensuring scope gaps and assessed with the process.
  • Cleaning and supervising system of mechanical completion.
  • Responsible for the development and execution of the commission plan and coordinate it with the project plan as well as for the final approval of the final construction and its documentation.

  • At least one project experience related sciences.
  • Manufacturing and process equipment experience.
  • Team work, management, self-efficient, communication problem solver flexible, friendly and writing skills.
  • Knowledge of cost controls and quality
  • HVAC software experience.
  • Dutch speaking and writing fluent skills
  • Creative and take initiative to bring new ideas.

Oher information :

Please don’t hesitate to contact us , we have many other open vacancies.
Looking forward to chatting with you !