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    Glasgow area, United Kingdom

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    Development Technologist

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Our client is the global market leader in their field. The products are highly complex and for that reason the Research and Development department is one of the most important departments in the company. The company in a process of evaluating the growth opportunities and looking for individuals to come on that journey. For this reason our client is looking for multiple Development Technologists.


-              You will be part of the future growth of the R&D function and
                the organisation
-              Opportunity to work on exciting, practical projects from day one
-              The projects are an exciting blend of physics, chemistry,                         
                biology and engineering – they require a truly dynamic and
                scientific mind-set
-              The projects are global – you could be sitting in Scotland
                working on a project for a Japanese customer – that provides
                the opportunity to liaise with the Japanese sales team,
                customers, Australian production team, etc. and oftentimes
                these  projects come with travel
-              Career development opportunities – practical, hands-on     
                learning opportunities with plenty of opportunities to progress
                career both laterally and upwards over the years.
-              You will have your own projects to work on. You won’t be 
                buried deep in the organisation – You'll be working on projects
                which the sales team care about and which are practical,
                useful and needed on the marketplace! There’s therefore a 
                real, tangible outcome of the individuals’ work that the
                practical, hands-on candidate will enjoy

•             Responsible for taking customer requests/market needs from
              concept through to launch utilising WorkFront. This includes:

o             Prepare charters that clearly define the project scope, success
               criteria and approach
o             Develop project plans including resource requirements and
               work with commercial teams to manage customer
o             Design a product that meets both the customer needs and
               internal manufacturing and quality performance targets.
o             Record and analyse experimental observations/data
o             Qualitative and quantitative assessment of new products,
                internally and externally
o             Provide experimental updates during meetings and present                     results formally (verbal and written)
o             Evaluate prototype casings in the product application test     
               laboratory to ensure that these are suitable for use by the
               intended customers
o             Participating in product trials at customer facilities
•             Collaborate with colleagues in Manufacturing during the 
               introduction phase of new products through to semi-
               commercial production, including the creation of standard
               operating procedures and bill of materials.

-              Scientific background – masters or PhD in science, preferably
               in chemistry, bio chemistry or chemical engineering
-              Early in career but with a couple of years’ experience in the
               workplace, either through placements or work experience (0-6
               years experience)
-              Fluent in English
-              High-potential in nature, motivated, energetic, ready to learn
               and contribute
-              Dynamic and eager to progress careers
-              Globally minded and globally mobile
-              Able to travel (immediate and fairly often – 4 times a year) and
               relocate in the future (career progression will require
               secondments and relocation, which can include facilities in
               Australia, America and China)
-              Prefers being hands-on rather than stuck in a lab all day
-              Customer-centric
-              Problem-solving mind-set