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    Data Scientist (Data Analysis - In Vivo Experiments)

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    Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical

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The Company 
This organization is focused on Gene Therapy to treat immunological diseases. Gene Therapy uses genes to treat diseases by deleting, adding or altering DNA, this way it targets the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. This firm uses viruses and vectors to get into the cell to deliver the new copy of the gene into a cell. 

Role Description 
As a Data Scientist you are involved in designing, setting up and maintaining the data management system, planning in vivo experiments (primarily mice and rats), overseeing the streaming and storage of research data generated both internally by the in vivo biology team and externally by contract research organizations

- Designs and executes data collection, streaming, storing, registration, annotation and meta-labeling throughout the in vivo experimental work as planned by the Senior Scientist or Head of In Vivo Biology with little to moderate supervision.
- The In Vivo Data Scientist is mainly involved in data management and analysis required for?in vivo?practical work: longitudinal sample collection, in-life observations (including motor and behavioural phenotypic testing, video-tracking, telemetry, electrophysiology, imaging and microscopy), sacrifice, tissue collection and processing, data analysis and writing documentation for internal and external purposes (analysis and recording of data, Benchling ELN, reports, animal well-fare log, etc).
- Recognizes day-to-day problems and participates in solutions based on standard procedures
- Communicates the daily work and results obtained to the Head of In Vivo Biology and is able to present the data comprehensively at lab- or research-meetings
- Performs and supports data analysis, AI- and ML-based meta-analysis and maintaining proper documentation

PhD degree in computer science or biological sciences.
Relevant practical experience of at least 2 years.
Coding/programming experience (e.g. Python, MATLAB, R, SQL, Java)
Experience in Machine Learning & AI, Git, Linux/Unix
Image analysis expertise would be an advantage
Familiarity (and preferably first-hand experience) with a broad range of formats of in vivoresearch data including behavioral video-monitoring and locomotion tracking, EEG, patch-clamp and multichannel electrophysiology, intravital whole-body imaging, in vivo microscopy and microendoscopy. 

Other Information 
For more information please contact Guilherme Tokunaga at or +31 (0) 20 658 98 01.


Keizersgracht 440A
1016 GD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 20 658 9804