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Bioprocess Technician
Location: Amsterdam

The company is working on the hottest topic of modern biology at this moment: gene therapy, which has the potential to change millions of lives worldwide.
Gene Therapy uses genes to treat diseases by deleting, adding or altering DNA. It targets the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms and is a truly personalized medicine. 
At this firm they use viruses and vectors to get into the cell to deliver the new copy of the gene into a cell. 

Together with a team of energetic and extrovert Scientists and Technicians, you will support all activities in Process Development within the pilot plant and clean rooms.

To make the role more challenging and increase the variety of activities, Bioprocess Technicians are given the opportunity to develop their career skills both in Upstream and Downstream processes.

In Upstream the Technicians grow cells in liquid media inside small mammalian bioreactors and fermenters to produce proteins. Additionally, they will follow the information registered in a platform to prepare sterile materials. Afterwards they will measure and monitor different parameters (pH, temperature, oxygen...) and will also perform cell counting activities. 

The purpose of the Downstream processes is to grow and purify the proteins obtained in the Upstream process. As the goal is to produce as much material as possible it is important to follow strict procedures to minimize risks and increase efficiency.
The responsibilities include: chromatography, filtration and other clearance operations. 

The Bioprocess Technicians must run complex experiments planned by Scientists and troubleshoot when issues appear. 

There is a solid training plan to help all technician to be fully and independently operating on short notice. 

- Perform complex experiments both in upstream and downstream
- Monitor processes and parameters (pH, temperature, pressure, oxygen...) in aseptic environments
- Collection, accurate registration, analysis and reporting of experimental data to team leaders
- Follow guidelines for safety and equipment maintenance
- Troubleshooting in Downstream processes

- Bachelor or MBO/ MLO education preferably in Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Bioprocess Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology or life sciences related topic.
- Experience in upstream and/ or downstream activities
- Good English communication skills.
- Accurate, positive mindset, hands-on, adaptable, collaborative personality and very motivated to learn.

Attractive salary and very complete secondary package.
Long term position.
Full-time, on-site.
No shifts (occasionally might require some flexibility depending on the experiments).
Location: Amsterdam surroundings.


Keizersgracht 440A
1016 GD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 20 658 9804