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    ASAP (3 months) Jr. Category Planning Manager

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Jr. Category Planning Manager

Where: Rotterdam
Company: Multinational food & beverages company
Scope: Project is for a sick leave (3 months)
Start: ASAP

This is a great opportunity to gain/widen your management experience as a planner. 

What are we looking for?

- Someone experienced with demand planning working on upstream
- Preferably managed colleagues/team
- Analytics person (not to build in Excel but working with numbers must be doable for you)
- Fluent in Dutch & English

Enable the BNL Refreshment business to be successful, by delivering outstanding service, supporting growth. Integrate the BNL plans with the upstream supply chain plans as well as PLI (joint venture with company responsible for upstream RTD Lipton), collaborate closely with Supply Units, execute plans perfectly. Own the RTD-Ice Stock strategy and Dispatch Rate, Business Waste Obsoletes, Forecast Bias and Forecast Accuracy results for Benelux .

As a plan manager you will collaborate closely with the Capability Leads (on Forecasting Excellence, Business Planning, SCOLs), the P&I + CCBT SC lead for Refreshment, and the upstream (Category) Planning managers and PLI to run the current operation effectively and efficiently, and on SC capability projects that improve the SC and our ways of working.

• For a good Sales & Operations Planning process the Plan Manager prepares for and leads key trade-off (Cost/Cash/ Service) discussion in the CCBT.
• Collaborate with PLI on Lipton RTD SC to reassure service, get right stock levels, prevent waste, and deliver innovations/relaunches.
• Deliver outstanding customer service (measure: Dispatch Rate), and support growth through innovations and other change projects
• Own the short and long term forecast. Continuously improve the quality of the forecast (measures: Forecast Bias and Forecast Accuracy). Own supporting processes such as RCCP, LTCP, BP, and the S&OP Process
• Reassures quality of the demand and supply reconciliation long term (through RCCP) and mid-term (4wks+), consequently has the team to collaborate with Sales teams to define the constrained plan plus risk mitigation plans and as well collaborates with category planning to unlock supply constraints.
• Prepares mid-term plan for execution (1-4 wks) e.g. list of key events, risks and opportunities and risk mitigation
• Reassures a good quality collaboration with local and regional P&I leads to plan innovation phasing, proactively reassuring responsiveness with optimal stock, minimized obsoletes and the MOQ’s on RPM & FG..
• Leading the Annual Plan process, translating the year plan initiatives into a business plan for the next year.
• Manages stocks to it’s lowest level whilst maintaining service. Closely coordinates stock movements with logistic to ensure a smooth operation in the DC.
• Shares business waste risks & provisions with the CCBT and leads the mitigation plan to reduce this.
• Responsible for KPI’s like Dispatch Rate, Forecast Accuracy, Forecast Bias, Extreme Bias, Stock and Obsoletes.


Keizersgracht 440A
1016 GD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 20 658 9804