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Can I apply at SIRE Life Sciences® without any life sciences experience?

Yes! Our intensive training program will help you to gain knowledge about the life sciences industry and obtain the sector specific recruitment skills required for the job. No previous knowledge or education about the life sciences industry is required.

Can I apply at SIRE Life Sciences without any recruitment experience?

Yes! We offer a traineeship that includes an internal and external on-the-job training program developed by recruitment experts in the field. This will make sure you are up to date and feel at home in the recruitment world.

Can i apply without any work experience

Yes! The intensive on-the-job to training program provides starters with a bachelor or master degree without any work experience a good foundation to build their career on. You will learn the soft and hard skills to execute this job successfully. If you already have recruitment-experience, you can join our fast- track program to kick-start your career at SIRE Life Sciences®.

Do I need to build my own market or I will work with existing clients?

Both. As market leader in the life sciences industry, we developed key clients. As we are a fast growing company you will be involved in new business development opportunities while maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Do you offer international opportunities?

Our current job offers are for our HQ in Amsterdam. Since we are growing fast, we’re planning to open offices on a global scale in the near future.

How can I make promotion and advance my career?

Our company is based on the meritocracy ideology, meaning that we grow based on the performance and input of our employees. We want to make sure that everybody gets the best opportunities and rewards for their input, such as an uncapped variable bonus scheme and various incentives. This is also why we invest so heavily in our training-program, as the trainees of today are the managers of tomorrow!

What will the interview process look like once i get invited?

The first interview will leave you with a good impression of what a career at SIRE Life Sciences® will look like. After a brief introduction on our company and an interview focused on your drive for success, you will get the opportunity to see one of our senior Recruitment Strategists in action. If there’s a match, we will invite you for a second interview with one of our managers. Here we will be discussing your role and motivation, as well as your ambition and discipline.

Is this an HR job?

No, this is most definitely a sales job. HR is mainly focused on internal processes like salaries, retirement issues and so on. Recruitment is all about selling the company an attracting new talent.

What life sciences sector will I work in if I get hired?

This depends entirely on the state of the market, the according business opportunities available and your personal and educational background. But in the end, everybody will find his or her spot at SIRE Life Sciences®.

What personal skills are required for this role?

We are looking for young professionals who are ambitious, persistent and result-driven, but most of all have the passion, ambition and dedication to be successful every day. You need to have a commercial drive, get motivated by ‘making the impossible possible’ and an eagerness to prove yourself within a young and international growing company.

What are life sciences?

The life sciences is a collective name for all sciences related to health, development and improvement for both humans and animals. This sector exists of companies, universities and organizations in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech, chemical and food industry. SIRE Life Sciences® is specialised in placing highly qualified personnel  in these industries.